NIZU Services Work Flow

NIZU is a full platform of API Services and Software Apps

We have developed a state-of-the-art marketplace of Services that can be integrated into your existing Apps and Services as well as in our own.

At the end, Our aims to integrate all business assets into a unified ecosystem, which will make business truly efficient, fast, transparent, and reliable.


Your own Apps & Websites

Use NIZU API to short your development time and management allowing us mantaining the infrastructure that connects your products and services.


NIZU ERP-CRM uses NIZU API to notify back-end users and customers of events, invoicing, payments etc.

Existing Services

Existing Services that need to be connected or integrated with the new exisiting world of Applications.

Internal IT Infrastructire monitoring

NIZU API Can watch your DNS, IP's or Services from above, and check if they are alive and healthy.



Customers can seat and enjoy.

NIZU and its growing benefits; Every time RGW or other Software company builds a program based in our Platform they enjoy each addition for free.

GDPR & other laws. NIZU takes care of making your app services complient with the EU Laws saving you time and money.

Automatic reports and analytics.

Constant maintenance and updates.

Only monthly contracts no string attached.

Code less, code faster

Just hook up your app to our services via CURL.

1 single Line of Code to send notifications.

The hability to host NODEJS Code in our platform.

The hability to test without paying a cent.

The hability to mange sub users and customers accounts.

Schedule your actions and targets

NIZU will trigger your request at an specific time, place and users segment.

Schedule your actions, Notifications, Events creations, emails.

Target your segments, send notifications, or alerts only to a certain segments.


Schedule the duration of the notifications.

Program automatic replies.


NIZU is developing a global data-driven platform for the world.


Below we’ve provided a bit of the main FAQ. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.