Études de cas GBO-Services Les gros problèmes

Les gros problèmes

  • Cobol Microfocus License extremely expensive and extremely inefficient
  • Old developers already out for retairement
  • Local hardware, defective
  • Software out of date, source code lost
  • No security with the data-exchange
  • No follow up for invoicing to the customers

Études de cas GBO-Services Notre solution

Notre solution

  • Analisys
  • Cloud Hosting for a progressive web app based on NIZU platform
  • Introduction of Open Cobol alternative
  • R300 to EDIFCACT Engine
  • EDIFCACT Engine
  • Invoicing CRM
  • Custom based data import from existing COBOL Apps
  • Microsoft Windows VDI


  • Automatic invoicing and remind to the customers
  • Remote connection in COVID19 Times
  • Protection against Ransomeware
  • Flexibility in data import and export like never before

CRM Dashboard
Screenshot 01
Screenshot GBONET 2.0

CRM Dashboard

Screenshot 01

Dashboard Gbo-services
Screenshot 2
screenshot Dashboard Gbo-services

Dashboard Gbo-services

Screenshot 02