nizu finances

Gérez vos finances

Making invoice and billing has never been so simple. All the modules ready to use at no extra costs

Such as: Recurrent Invoicing, Subscriptions, e-payments, Dépenses, Reports, automatic payment reminders, payment receipts,

Banking data import, payments reconciliation, Accounting data Export, Projects invoicing, outsource employees costs management, staff cost management, invoice merging, credit notes

Boostez vos
conversions de leads et votre service

Manage leads, customers, in one single place with features

Such as: LiveChat, Web to Lead, Lead to customers, Offers, Proposals, Contracts, Customers contacts, notifications per contact, etc

NIZU Customers

Suivi du temps
pour les obsédés

Control your outsource and in-house staff, tasks, with time tracking per task per person.

Features: Project progress, TODO, Task tracking, Automated task tracking by AI and Chat, KABAN system, Timesheet task

Time tracking notifications, Timetracking reports and more

Rendez-vous et intégrations

Gérez vos rendez-vous

Configurer différents agendas, et services

Google Calendar, & Rocket Chat integrations

Track your appointments from your google calendar Rocket Chat